Samroiyod Holiday Resort ... Touching Nature and Beauty to be admired
Khao Samroiyod National Park is one of Thailand's major bird watching sites as well as one of the world's major water bird sites. Here is a sanctuary of more than 275 kinds of birds; water birds, meadow birds, forest birds and marsh birds can all be seen.
There are both residents and migrants, especially those that migrate from cold countries in the winter. If you are lucky, you may sight rare water birds like painted storks and black-headed ibises.
Not too rare to be seen are lapwings, egrets, kingfishers, stilts, moorhens and sunbirds. Especially, bulbuls and sunbirds can be seen even in the resort compound. Usually, birds lay eggs from February to June each year.
Mornings and evenings are the most suitable time for bird watching. You can be on the watch for just a snapshot of those birds, though sometimes you need patience to sight just a single rare bird.

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