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Sight-seeing by boat around Koh Nom Saow, Koh Ko Ram and lush shallow water corals

You can enjoy cruising around islands, visiting and playing respect to the Nom Saow Goddess, and feeding fruits to the monkeys living on the islands. If you are lucky, you may sight a school of white dolphins chasing smaller fishs in front of Koh Ko Ram.

Koh Nom Saow : With a small beach of about 50 metres long, Koh Nom Saow is where the Shrine of Nom Saow Goddess is situated. The Goddess is worshipped mostly by fishermen. They usually fulfil their vows to her with women's underwear.

Koh Ko Ram (Monkey Island) : Not very far from the coast, Koh Ko Ram is one of the sites teeming with lush shallow water corals. Living on the island are hundreds of monkeys that feed, among other things, on oysters

Sight-seeing at Phraya Nakorn Cave, Kaew Cave and Sai Cave

Phraya Nakorn Cave:
Situated on Laem Sala Beach, Distanced by 430 metres from the foot of the hill, Phraya Nakorn Cave house The Kula Karuhadd Hall and the handwritings of King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) and King Prachatipok (Rama VII).

Another Attraction here is Lodkoo Arbour, a flower arbour belived by villagers that anyone who walks through it would find his/her mate soon enough.

Sai Cave: The cave is on a high mountain near Kung Tanode Village in the direction of Sam Phraya Beach. From the foot of the mountain, the cave is 30 minutes' walk. The cave has stalagmites and stalactites of different shapes, and beauty. Hurricane lamps are available for rent at Kung Tanode Village as the cave is quite dark.

Kaew Cave : Hidden in Chan Valley, Kaew Cave is pitch-black, yet strikingly beautiful.
To view such beauty, those entering the cave have to use hurricane lamps or flashlights.